Schools, Districts and Homes in Hampton Roads

Schools and their districts are integral to Hampton Roads. Many buyers choose homes in certain locations so they can send their children to the best regional public schools. Recent studies have pointed out various flaws in the state of the American public school system and Virginia has seen its share of discontent, but for the most part many students graduate from local schools ready to excel in college, the armed services or the work force. Private schools both parochial and nonparochial, offer great advantages to students as well.

Just like other parts of the country, schools vary from city to city and district to district throughout Hampton Roads. This region does not currently have a busing mandate so if residents live within a certain school district, that designated facility is where their children must attend public school. Homes and neighborhoods can be found near some of the most sought-after schools like Hickory, Grassfield High and Great Bridge districts in Chesapeake and York County schools. It is nice to know that there are district-wide programs available such as the International Baccalaureate and Medical and Health Specialty programs. If a student meets the requirements and lives out of district, then he can still be accepted at the school where the program is implemented in his city of residence.

Parochial schools are those that teach religious education in addition to standard academic work. When parents enroll their children in these schools, they do not have to live in homes that are located in particular districts. Upon occasion, some Catholic schools may require families to live in certain parish districts but that is another matter to be discussed with admission directors. Hampton Roads is filled with fine parochial high schools like Peninsula Catholic High School and Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School. Some Christian schools which have additional grades include Norfolk Christian Schools, Atlantic Shores Christian School, Alliance Christian School, Greenbrier Christian Academy and Veritas Christian Academy.

Nonparochial private schools are plentiful in Hampton Roads too. The offerings in this category continue to churn out well-educated youth. No matter where buyers find homes, there is sure to be a private school not too far away. Hampton Roads Academy, Norfolk Collegiate, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, Cape Henry Collegiate, Chesapeake Bay Academy and Norfolk Academy are examples of these educational institutions. Sports, service and arts accompany a solid academic track when attending a first-rate private school. Uniforms may or may not be mandatory and tuition is a given.

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